Topic: flowers: open call

flowers: open call

open call for online works that grow in mobile browsers

there seems to be an organicist metaphor that informs much of our understanding of digital media and the internet. talking about rhizomes and born digital works, we err in the close proximity of the collapsed boundaries between technology and nature. it is a fascinating and puzzling space to get lost in. for this exhibition we are interested in works that address or inhabit this scene in-between (what was never) artificial and (what was never) natural.
the works should run in mobile browsers.

deadline: 30.04.2019
submit a link to your work by email at flowers2for1[at]gmail.com
(please include a short description of your practice)
the selected links will be presented as qr codes pasted on the empty walls of the exhibition room.

Flowers241 is a community art space / studio located at 241 Nicholson st East Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.