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Friends of mine back in Cyprus informed me that the exhibition was a great success. I was also informed that Glyn Hughes refused to write. Who cares? He a conservative paint pusher traditionalist moron who is totally out of sync with what is happening in the arts. There is a great article in Politis newspaper which I do not know if you have read it but here is the online version in Greek. Congratulations to NeMe for what sounds to have been a great, poignant show!!!!


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Hi Petros
Thank you for your comments. There is another good review from Anastasiy Lukina about the exhibition written in russian. Babelfish performs a readable english translation.


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Stop the press!!! Isn't Christina Lambrou, the author of the Politis article, Florian Waldvogel's wife? The curator of Manifesta 6? The plot thickens. Should I have posted my comment in the M6 forum? It all becomes so confusing doesn't it?