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Our apologies for the down time of our site. This was due to our moving hosts. Everything should be up and functioning now. We have closed this particular entry as it is irrelevant to the discussion.
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Re: Apologies

Due to software malfunction, registrations to this forum were disabled for 3 days. The registration form is now back on line.


Re: Apologies

Some of our users might be receiving the following error when posting.

Precondition Failed
The precondition on the request for the URL /post.php evaluated to false.

We have researched the matter which seems to be due to a server configuration issue. We have contacted our host and it is expected they will make the necessary adjustments to fix this error within a day.

In between you may try one or all of the following:
If you do have a firewall, disable it for a few minutes and try posing a new topic.
If you are using a router you can either soft or hard restart it.


Re: Apologies

Our host has come back to us with a solution to the 'Precondition Failed' problem and we have implemented the steps suggested by them.
Should there still be a problem with creating new topics please do let us know by posting here.

Again our apologies for the inconvenience this might have caused.


Re: Apologies

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