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Photo Workshops VENICE

The PhotoPhore is extremely proud to present its Photo Workshops VENICE!

We are strenuous supporters of learning by doing, and we are pleased to realize our photography workshops in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Venice!

We are organizing the new adventure of Photo Workshops VENICE joining our passion for art and photography with the work of an emerging talent of photography, Marco Dabbicco (http://marcodabbicco.com/), to give you the opportunity to shot in one of the most beautiful Art City in the world!

Marco Dabbicco is an Italian photographer with a long-time shooting experience. From fashion and stage photography for Prada, Tod’s and Miu Miu, to personal fine-art photography projects recently exhibited in Athens, Dabbicco will show you the fundamental photography techniques.

The photo workshops will be focused on landscape, architecture and street photography, from micro to macro, linking photography theories with practice through the promenades in Venice.

During the workshops the main concepts of photography will be explained, from the framing and the image composition, to the technical specifications for the different kind of photos, making you able to master the exposure, the focus, the varoious photographic lenses and much more.

The lessons will be realized during field inspections, through the streets and canals of Venice, ranging from the most famous and iconic places, to the hidden corners, so you can directly put in practise what is illustrated and discussed with the tutor.

All the photographers, students and photo lovers are welcome! And Venice lovers too!

The workshops last 2 days, from 11 AM to 5 PM (one break included).

The group will walk around the city of Venice, exploring and shooting the best places in the city, from the well known to the most precious ones.

Meeting point: Stazione Santa Lucia – Railway Station
Day 1: Walking and shooting through the main iconic places of the “Renowned Venice”
Day 2: Discovering and shooting the “Hidden Venice”

Upcoming workshop:

April 07 / 08, 2018
Customized dates are available upon request for groups of minimum 3 people.

Beyond the estabilished date, you can plan your workshop exactly when you are in Venice!

Will you be in Venice and would you add this extraordinary way to discover photography and the city?

Starting from a group of minimum 3 people, we can plan a dedicated workshop according to your presence in Venice.

Write us an e-mail to info@thephotophore.com and plan your photography workshop!

Workshop “theory and practice” through Venice streets
Study files and materials
Map of Venice, notebook and pen

Application fee: 235 euro
Non-photographer guest (without camera): 135 euro

Do you have just one day available in Venice?
Are you interested just in the “Renowned Venice” or in the “Hidden Venice“?

You can take part in a “one day photo workshop“, in the first or second day of the scheduled workshop.

Application fee “one day photo workshop”: 135 euro
Non-photographer guest (without camera): 85 euro

The first day will be dedicated to the “Renowned Venice” and the second day to the “Hidden Venice“.

Bank transfer
Advanced payment is required to book your participation in the workshops.

In case of workshops cancellation by the organization, you will be fully reimbursed.

In case you book your participation and miss it, the amount will not be rembursed. If you inform us at least one week before the workshop’s date that you can’t attend, you will mantain the possibility to take part in a new workshop during the same year with the amount already paid.

For payment details, please send an email to info@thephotophore.com

Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR)

Memory card (possibly a spare one too)

Full charged battery (possibly a spare one too)

Standard zoom lenses suggested: 18-55 mm (or 24-70 mm for full frame cameras)

Telephoto zoom lenses suggested: 70-200 mm or similar

Tripods are welcome (necessary for low light photography)

From 3 to 10 people for each workshop


For info and booking write us an e-mail at info@thephotophore.com

More: http://www.thephotophore.com/photo-workshops-venice/