Topic: Statement on Manifesta 6 settlement

It is commonly known that International Foundation Manifesta, Nicosia for Art Ltd and the curators Anton Vidokle, Florian Waldvogel and Mai Abu El Dahab had a serious dispute with regard to Manifesta 6.

Manifesta 6 is, however, now in the past and all parties concerned wish to focus on the future such as Manifesta 7.

The parties, therefore, have discussed their respective positions and have agreed to fully and finally settle their disputes.

A settlement has been reached. In view of the different positions taken during the conflict between IFM, the curators and NFA, and in order to respect each other's positions in the best possible way, the parties have agreed not to communicate details of the settlement reached and to fully focus and concentrate on future projects and Manifesta 7.

Published in the Manifesta site on 26 September 2007