Topic: United in destroying Nations

It is interesting that nobody has questioned Anton Vidokle's event in Florian Waldvogel's country.

The Manifesta press release states (made the relevant texts bold)

From: International Foundation Manifesta, Amsterdam

Press release no 5.
Contrary to recent comments in the press, Manifesta 6, which was planned to take place in Nicosia this autumn, will not be relocated to any other venue, nor will it take place anywhere else, in any other related form.

The International Foundation Manifesta acknowledges that the issue of artistic education is currently attracting a great deal of public attention and has become a hot topic for debate - not least, within the context of the current educational reforms in Europe, often referred to as �the Bologna Process�. The Foundation takes a close interest in the principal issues at stake. In recent years the use of an art school model, as a means of investigating and expanding the possibilities in contemporary art and society, has shown sufficient potential to stimulate a wide variety of different approaches. It has recently given birth to a number of interesting initiatives and created something of a chain reaction.

The Foundation wishes once more to confirm, in relation to earlier statements about court proceedings, that it and its temporary partner for Manifesta 6, Nicosia for Art Ltd., are still actively seeking a solution to their legal differences, which would commit the parties concerned to dropping all claims and counterclaims and exonerate all parties, including the former curators of Manifesta 6, from any threat of future legal action.

The International Foundation Manifesta assumes full responsibility for its overall strategy. This encompasses the selection of the Host City and Curatorial Team for each edition of the Biennial and the structure within which the curators are expected to operate. The Foundation is currently working on proposals for Manifesta 7 and expects to be able to announce the location of this in the near future.

International Foundation Manifesta
The Netherlands

whereas the press release from Anton Vidokle states

unitednationsplaza is pleased to announce its inaugural conference and a first seminar.

unitednationsplaza is exhibition as school. Structured as a seminar/residency program in the city of Berlin, it will involve collaboration with approximately 60 artists, writers, theorists and a wide range of audiences for a period of one year. In the tradition of Free Universities, most of its events will be free and open to all those interested to take part. unitednationsplaza is organized by Anton Vidokle in collaboration with Liam Gillick, Boris Groys, Martha Rosler, Walid Raad, Jalal Toufic, Nikolaus Hirsch, Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Tirdad Zolghadr.

The press release by Manifesta posted in the NeMe site on 27 April 2006 reads:

As their project for Manifesta 6, the curatorial team of Mai Abu ElDahab, Anton Vidokle and Florian Waldvogel, intends to use the capital, network and infrastructure of Manifesta along with the local resources to start an experimental art school.

Way back in the Manifesta 6 forum Psychotropic, probably one of M6 operatives who is hiding behind an alias wrote

Yes proposing an art school (educational model) using the platform of a Biennial: that was a good and original idea.

Now let's go back to the Manifesta press release

Contrary to recent comments in the press, Manifesta 6, which was planned to take place in Nicosia this autumn, will not be relocated to any other venue, nor will it take place anywhere else, in any other related form.

So if the M6 school was an original idea which was not to be relocated to any other venue, nor... take place anywhere else, in any other related form and the united nations plaza is an exhibition as school. what are we left to assume?

These are my assumptions:

1. M6 school was not an original idea but stolen by the curators. Florian Waldvogel has done it before regarding a museum catalogue and non credited texts.
2. Manifesta and/or the curators are lying regarding the non relocation of the school
3. US government using Anton Vidokle (e-flux) and the Ford Foundation (main sponsor of the plaza) as a front is continuing their damaging work for the region.
4. Anton Vidokle thinks that he is above ethics or the law.

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