Topic: Photo Encaustics: Transforming your Images to Objects of Art

Photo Encaustics & the Intimate Portrait
4-day Workshop

We begin by studying the masters of encaustic, both in photography and painting. We’ll talk about what images work well with encaustic and what images do not.

The first part of the workshop participants will practice with sample boards and learn the various techniques. We will explore the difference between adding images at the beginning or during the process of adding the layers of wax. This course will cover paper use and selection, mounting techniques and materials, encaustic pouring and painting techniques, glazing, scraping, image transfers, stenciling, imbedding objects, and adding texture and color to the encaustic process.

Once participants have a feel for their style and personality when working with the sample boards we will spend time shooting with models and explore how to develop an awareness and sensitivity for creating the Intimate Portrait.  We'll have two field trips and after each shoot we’ll take time together to critique and choose images that would be appropriate for the encaustic process.

The remaining workshop time concentrates on taking the images from the field trips and developing methods and workflow specific to each individual and their voice as an encaustic artist.


    Dates: May 19 - 22, 2013
    Time: 10am - 6pm
    Location: 711 Lake Street, Minneapolis
    Class size limted to 6
    Cost: $560 (includes $35 materials fee + $100 model fees)
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