Topic: open call for VR exhibition eRR0R

open call

for very short audio (.mp3 - max. 30s)
and images (.jpg - max. 500kb)

when: deadline for submission 28.02.2018
where: VR exhibition space at http://arr.dalpofzs.com


in a world that covers its flaws in the blinding light of universal truths and institutionally reinforced regimes of visibility, we are interested in the fertile shades opened up by errors. the antiseptic intellectual environment our societies try to achieve, while arguably “healthy” and “safe” for the established values, has the huge disadvantage of obscuring any fundamentally different modes of existence. we are looking for submissions that explore the fertility of errors and question our inherited worldview.

eRR0R will open in arrhythmicity (VR exhibition space at http://arr.dalpofzs.com) in march 2018

submit your work by email at postoffice@dalpofzs.com
please include a short description of your practice.
links to your website or presence on social media are welcomed.